Child Support Division

The Child Support Division is responsible for the establishment of paternity, child support, and medical orders, and enforcement of those orders. The Child Support Division operates under authority of both Federal and State law. The services of the office are available to all residents of Howard County. These services include:

Child Support Orders may be enforced by the following methods:

  • Contempt of court proceedings or supplemental proceedings
  • Income withholding to deduct child support payments from wages or other income, including unemployment benefits
  • Reporting of delinquent support obligors to credit agencies
  • Seizure of federal and state income tax refunds and lottery winnings
  • Driver´s license and professional license suspensions
  • Vehicle liens and other property liens
  • Non-payment letters/delinquency letters
  • Administrative hearings
  • DNR license suspensions (hunting/fishing licenses)
  • Passport denials

Services may also include actions to enforce child support orders in other states and foreign countries. Services of the Child Support Division are limited to matters involving Child Support only.  Our office is not involved in parenting time or custody matters

The Child Support Office is divided into three units: Establishment, Support, and Enforcement. This system provides a continuous support system starting with paternity establishment; early intervention services for those parents who are not making consistent child support payments; maintaining communication with both custodial and non-custodial parents; and holding accountable those parents who refuse to support their children. For information on which Child Support caseworker will be assigned to assist you, please visit our Caseworker page.

If you are receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), there is no cost for our office´s services.  Upon receipt of TANF benefits, your case will automatically be referred to our office for appropriate action.

If your child(ren) receive Hoosier Healthwise/Medicaid benefits, you are entitled to the services of the office at no cost.  However, you must specifically apply for these services.  You may still apply for our services if you are not receiving any form of public assitance.

In order to receive the Child Support Services of the Prosecutor´s Office, it is very important that all necessary and required information be provided by the person applying for services.  All cases in the Prosecutor´s Office are considered confidential.  If you currently do not have a child support case with the Prosecutor’s Office and want to apply for services, you may do so by obtaining an application, filing it out, and returning the application to our office.  Failure to completely fill out the form will cause delays in scheduling an appointment for services.

Child Support Frequently Asked Questions

Attorney / Client Disclaimer : Howard County Prosecutors Office represents the State of Indiana in ensuring the support of children. Howard County Prosecutors Office does not represent participants in the Title IV-D Program. Deputy prosecutors do not form attorney/client relationships with the participants in the Title IV-D program. Information provided in this website is not legal advice and is not intended as legal advice. An attorney - client relationship is not established by providing this information. Information that you provide to our office may be disclosed to other people or agencies.

Be Advised: We will not discuss your child support case with anyone, other than your attorney, who contacts us on your behalf. This includes friends, relatives, spouses, finances, and employers. We will also not discuss your child support case with you, if you are a noncustodial parent who is represented by an attorney. In that case, you must contact your attorney for assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.